Loving, Professional
​Pet Care in Your Home

Why Hire Me?

The Mission
Loving, Professional Pet Care in Your Home.

There’s no place like home, as far as your animals are concerned. Strange environments are stressful, and when you’re away your pets want the comfort of their favorite bed, the backyard they love, and the couch they’re not supposed to lie on. I do in-home pet sitting, taking care of your animals where they’re most relaxed and comfortable. With in–home pet sitting there’s no need to pick your pets up and drop them off or to plan your trip around kennel hours. They won’t be exposed to other animals, diseases, or parasites. There’ll be no change in their diet, and you won’t have to rely on friends or family members who may be too busy themselves. Best of all, they’ll receive lots of loving, personal attention.

I have over eleven years of experience as a professional pet sitter in Johnston, Grimes, Urbandale, Windsor Heights, and other parts of the  Greater Des Moines area. I’m bonded and insured, and provide references on request. When you hire me, I will:

  • Come to your home for a free consultation;
  • Write down all information necessary to follow your pets’ routine in a service contract;
  • Get all emergency contact information, such as the best numbers at which to reach you and, if possible, a local contact person as well;
  • Obtain a veterinary treatment form that authorizes me to take your pets to your veterinarian in case there’s an emergency and you can’t be reached;
  • I will need two copies of your house keys, or a key and a garage door code or opener. I require a backup means of entry because when you’re away your animals’ well-being is completely dependent on my being there.